Greetings! My name is Dr. Tamie Jovanelly and I am excited to be the newly elected President of the Fulbright Association Georgia Chapter. Prior to this appointment I held the position of Treasurer (2018-2020) on the Board of Directors. Classically trained as a hydrologist, my first appointment as a Fulbright Research Scholar was 2013-2014. I was fortunate enough to be welcomed by Makerere University in Kampala ,Uganda where I collaborated with new colleagues in the School of Environmental Science. My research resulted in a pioneering data set that reflected water quality of some of the last remaining virgin forests\ that protect the headwaters of the Nile River. Undoubtedly, this experience launched my career as an international researcher as I continued to seek the understanding of water quality, conservation, and the relationships of people to water on a global scale.

In 2017, I received a Fulbright Scholar position in the form of a Flex Grant. For the next two summers I would focus on water resources in Central and South Americas. Somewhat overlapping, I was also assigned as a Fulbright Specialist (2017-2020) whereby allowing me to consult on world-wide water conservation, allocation, and quality issues. To date, I have completed water quality assessments on five continents to make comparisons between developed, undeveloped, and developing countries and their relationships to local watersheds.

Specifically, I have focused on major river systems through field work that include the Nile, Ganges, Amazon, Mississippi, Tiber Rivers. The experiences that the Fulbright Foundation has provided me with were lifechanging. It not only allowed me to use my skills as a field researcher to collect critical environmental datasets, but it also provided me with lifelong relationships with colleagues who I care for deeply, and a profound desire to promote international partnerships.

Ultimately, through my Fulbright appointments I have learned that world cultures are more similar than they are different. At the end of the day, we are all seeking peace for ourselves and our families, a means to put food on our tables, and a secure place to call home. Moreover, Senator Fulbright’s mission to promote global peace through academic exchange is crucial in today’s world. I am honored to give my time and energy to support a fantastic organization that has helped to make the world a little bit smaller and a whole lot happier- one Fulbrighter at a time.